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What If?

Sometimes I spring awake at night with thoughts…good ones, bad ones, indifferent ones. I’m not really sure why, but I know I’m not alone in this. Most recently it happened a few nights ago. God had put something on my heart earlier that day…I had somewhat shoved it aside and went about my business…and I believe that night he brought it right to my attention again. And while I’m not fully sure why He wants me to hear this so loudly, point is, He does. So with that, here’s today’s challenge:

What IF…we called on God as much as we called on ourselves, our friends, Facebook or Google? What IF…we became as dependent on him as we depend on ourselves?

I heard something recently that was quite intriguing to me. There have apparently been studies done that show when we have our cell phones in the room with us, we are actually dumber. How ironic is that?! When we have our ‘smart phones’ in our back pocket, we’re actually less intelligent?? Go figure. We have endless amounts of information and knowledge and our fingertips—and yet it’s actually becoming a detriment to our society. I believe there are so many reasons for this—but the one I think the one that is hurting us the most is exactly what God put in front of me the other day.

What if for every time you check your Facebook feed, you follow it up with a moment in prayer? For every text you send, memorize a scripture. Every new pin on Pinterest, reach out to a neighbor. For every thing you ask Google—what if we asked God what He thinks instead? Can I tell you right now, we would be a much wiser and spirit filled world. I think God is asking us to immerse ourselves in as much of Him as we are in the ‘things’ of today’s world. In particular, screens and technology.

Now while I know many would argue that screens and the internet has changed our world for the better—and provided us with a faster, easier and all around more efficient way to work…I would say this…you’re right. In and of itself, the internet and screens are not a bad thing. Just like ice cream. An occasional dish of it isn’t a bad thing either. But I guarantee you if you eat it all day, everyday, you’re going to have a problem. But our problem *could just call it addiction for lack of better terminology* with screens, in my opinion, is becoming much worse than an overindulgence of a delectable dairy delight.

Not only are they making us actually less intelligent—but I believe they are killing our relationships. Not only with God, but with others. I am as guilty as most when it comes to this…texting. It’s quick. Easy. And a total time suck. Not to mention impersonal. We are losing the ability to healthily communicate with other humans because most people resort to doing it through texting. We think it’s ‘the same’ but I am here to tell you IT ISN’T. Or how about the one’s we’re with day-to-day who don’t get all of us because we’re too busy “quickly” texting ten people, staring at our phones. For me, it’s my children and my spouse. I don’t think most of us realize how often we are staring at our screens, neglecting our most valuable relationships.

While I don’t want to make this entire post about screens and the idols which we have made them into—I do just want to say this. I believe God pressed that question and challenge upon my heart not just for me…but for others as well. We have so many ways to be self sufficient and smart that it’s actually hindering us. It is hindering us because we are becoming so dependent on technology and ourselves that it is taking us so far away from the One who we actually need the most. And just like being unable to notice right away how often we’re staring on our screens—it’s a slippery slope when it comes to sliding away from God as well. Not because He takes a step away from us either—but because we allow ourselves to slip away from HIM.

So I will end by saying this. While yes, we can Google anything and find an answer…….I wonder what knowing that answer is really going to do for us? Are we going to use it for some greater good—or to glorify God? Or are we going to use it to glorify ourselves? Our texts and Snapchats (I think that’s what its called) we’re sending…are they one’s you would be okay with your spouse seeing? Your parents? As we become more dependent on technology and the ‘benefits’ of it—I think we need to be made aware very often of the dangers that also come with it. That is all I’m saying.

We all will be accountable of our choices at one point or another. Either while we walk this earth, or when we kneel before God. I know technology isn’t going to go away—–but I’m here to tell you, neither will our need of a God who saves and desires our whole hearts devotion. My prayer for all of us is that we desire to turn to God as frequently as we turn to our technology. Replace our addiction of feed updates, new texts and pins, with hearts that long to know Him in a more real way than any answer Google can ever give us.

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