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On a jet plane…

Can I just say one thing right now?! HALLELUJAH!!! Our stack of paperwork for our adoption(otherwise known as a dossier) is officially on a jet plane on it’s way to China! This means that all of the paperwork, appointments, authentications and certifications for this portion of this journey is COMPLETE!!! Done. Hear the sound of us (especially me, as I was primarily the one doing the paperwork portion of things) taking a HUGE sigh of relief. For those not familiar with international adoption process, this is a giant step in the journey and is something that deserves a celebration and little dance party. Both of which, I have done! Can you say ice cream and Zach Williams Old Church Choir?!

By Monday, the CCCWA (China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption) should have our paperwork, hopefully logging us in quickly to begin the process of translating and reviewing our documents to issue us the real big one. The LOA (letter of approval). While we have already been given what is considered a pre-approval for our little guy, what we really need now to move forward and bring him home is this LOA. Please be praying with us that God continues to work swiftly and in His mighty ways to bring this little boy home soon. We know that God has already moved mountains out of the way for us to adopt this precious little man and we are trusting Him fully in each part of this process—timing and all. So with that said, perhaps prayers for us to continue to rest in that peace of God is more needed than anything! 🙂

In fact, it’s quite crazy how much this reminds me of when I was pregnant and getting down to those final weeks/months. I was SO excited to meet our newest family member, but yet LOVED being pregnant and didn’t want it to end at times. I knew that so many things needed to be prepared and happen before each of our babies could be born, even though I didn’t always know exactly what those things were. And this is no different—except this time, our son is already born and we know God is preparing his heart, our hearts, and doing things for this adoption and joining of lives that we don’t even know need to happen, but do! And believe it or not…I have loved this process much like I loved being pregnant—and not because it’s all rainbows and roses, but because amidst the challenges and pain, the feats and the fears, the ups and the downs—God has shown Himself faithful, every. single. time. It has strengthened and grown each of us in ways we didn’t even know we needed to grow.

While we know this journey is actually just beginning as we get so much closer to meeting our son…we just had to take a minute to rejoice, praise, and share our excitement in what a huge step has been accomplished! All glory to God, truly, because this is 100% His story. We hope in next month and a half or so to share the wonderful news of our LOA, as well as our son’s name, photo and perhaps even a video which we have been given by his orphanage. Stay tuned!!!


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